01 April 2010

Yom al-Ard celebration, April 4

Sunday, April 4 Falastine Horra is hosting a Yom al-Ard celebration on Beirut's Corniche, Ain al-Maraysi. Beginning at 3pm, 6 different bands, a play, art workshops and displays, and dabke performances will celebrate Yom al-Ard into the night. The event is free, and welcomes everyone. Please read below for the full program.

Palestinian youth celebrate Yom al-Ard in Shatila refugee camp, Lebanon. 30 March 2010

Yom al-Ard began in 1976 with a day of protest. Thousands across occupied Palestine went on strike March 30, demonstrating against Israeli seizure of 6,300 square kilometers of Palestinian land in Galilee. Solidarity strikes in Gaza, the West Bank and in Lebanese refugee camps vivified Palestinian identity and deep-rooted tie to the land of Palestine.

After a curfew was imposed on March 29 by the Israeli government, 4,000 police were dispatched to Galilee in anticipation of Palestinian action against the land's expropriation. Fierce Palestinian resistance was met by hundreds of arrests, clashes in which more than a hundred were wounded, and six Palestinians were killed.

The 6,300km of land in Galilee was taken. In its memory, and in memory of the soil stretching from the river to the sea, demonstrations and celebrations reflect each year upon the meaning of making one's home in Palestine - even if one cannot go back or has never even seen it.

Yom al-Ard celebration program:

o Kassem Istanbouli (Theatrical Play)
o Ivoice
o Farhan from Nahr El-Bared
o Jafra Traditional Palestinian Dances
o Tammouz Band
o Al-Karmel Band (Beddawi Camp)
o Shawki Fares


o Art by Nidal Kheiry [http://nidalelkhairy.blogspot.com/]
o Photo Exhibition of Actions done by Falastine Horra Campaign
o Al-Shabiba Photo and Drawing Exhibition from Nahr El-Bared

Book Fair and Corners:

o Al Adab Magazine Corner
o Socialist Forum Corner
o Al-Manshour
o Nadi Likul Al-Nass
o Masar
o Palestinian Cultural Club
o Youth Against Normalization